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  • Bookkeeping and Financial Management for SME’s
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Cost Control
  • Streamlining Process and Maximising Efficiency

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Caulfield Bookkeeper - Edwin Taitz


Your finances are a key cog in your business machine.

When you track and understand them, the machine begins to run smoothly. Cash flow actually flows, profits rise, and you’re able to make informed decisions in all areas of your business, streamlining operations, and making appropriate investments.

But knowing how to do this, and having your accounts in order to do it, can be difficult.

More Than Just a Caulfield Bookkeeper

As a Caulfield bookkeeper with over 25 years’ experience in accounting, I help you to get your accounts in order and to track and understand your business finances so you can enjoy all the benefits of a well-oiled business machine.

Thanks to my experience, I can quickly help you bring your books up to date and reconcile your accounts.

But this standard bookkeeping service is only the start of what I offer. Instead of leaving things at that, I also help you to understand your finances, so they can become a business tool. I enjoy taking a hands on approach to helping improve your business. It’s these value adding services that make me different from any other Caulfield bookkeeper you might hire.

Using Your Numbers

So, how can your numbers become a business tool?

One of the biggest headaches for most small businesses is cash flow. Your business may be profitable, but you struggle to find cash at various stages during the month. By using your numbers to work on budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and reviewing and working on improvement processes, you can discover where your cash is, and work to have more of it when you need it.

KPIs are another example of how your numbers can become a business tool. You manage things much better when you can measure them. KPIs empower you to make positive changes in your business to improve efficiency and profitability.

Best of all, these are just two examples of how I can help you use your numbers in your business.

Choose to Improve With

When you know your numbers, you can take control and do things better in your business.

If you would like a bookkeeping service that helps you take control and improve your business, then we need to talk. For an obligation-free discussion about your business and your numbers call today on 1300 313 397.

I look forward to helping you improve your business as your Caulfield bookkeeper.

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