Let’s Talk Budgeting

A budget for your business is a crucial part of EzyAccounts’ business advice sector! Did you know that budgeting can actually help you increase your business’s profitability? Here’s why… What is a Budget? A budget is an estimate or prediction of your business’s income for a set period of time (week, month, quarter, etc.), and [...]

Can Your Accountant Fulfil Your Needs?

As a small or medium business owner, you’re bound to bump into accountants during your business journey. But are you aware of the different types of accounting these accountants practice? And do you know which forms of accounting your business needs? The guide below should help you to answer both these questions. Forensic or [...]

The One Factor Behind 80% Of Business Failures

According to the Victorian State Government, 80% of business failures are caused by problems with cash flow. It’s a sobering statistic. With cash flow problems at the heart of so many failed businesses, it’s clear that understanding cash flow and avoiding problems with it are imperative for business success. So, how do you ensure [...]

Contractors vs Employees – Bookkeeping Obligations

As an employer, your obligations to your employees are vastly different to your obligations to any contractors you engage.This means that the type of bookkeeping and bookkeeping tasks required for employees and contractors are also very different.However, thanks to Australia’s complicated HR laws, just because someone says they’re a contractor doesn’t mean that they actually [...]

“Affordable” Business Insurance

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll be familiar with the fact that the cost of insurance premiums can be a financial burden on your business. But the question of affordability runs both ways. Not only should you ask: “Can I afford business insurance?” It’s also important to ask yourself: “Can I afford to [...]