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Reckon is a customisable, cloud-based and desktop bookkeeping software option that allows you to add or remove different features and add-ons at any time. This means that you only pay for the functionalities you need and use.

Reckon includes all the usual functionalities for invoicing, bank feeds, tracking projects, and recording expenses, plus more sophisticated ones designed to suit different business needs. With mobile apps available for Apple and Android devices, you can also access and use the software on the run.

At EzyAccounts, all of our team are certified Reckon bookkeepers, and experienced with the different Reckon features and options.

Why Use A Reckon Bookkeeper?

If you decide to use Reckon for your business’s bookkeeping tasks, then we advise that you use a Reckon bookkeeper.

A certified Reckon bookkeeper will be able to confirm that Reckon bookkeeping software is the best choice for your business. They can recommend the right subscription, and whether you should use the cloud-based or desktop product. Because you only pay for the features you use, they will help you ensure you have the right ones.

During setup, a Reckon bookkeeper will also ensure your software is set up to manage all the appropriate tasks for your business, with the right reporting capabilities. They will provide you with training for using the software program, and can analyse and interpret the data and reports it produces to provide you with advice for improving your business’s profits and efficiency.

Selecting The Right Reckon Products

Because our bookkeepers are certified for multiple software programs, your Reckon bookkeeper from EzyAccounts will be able to help you determine whether Reckon bookkeeping software is the best software for you and your business.

Once that’s been decided, it will be time to select the right Reckon products. Each product is separate, so you only pay for the features you need. To determine which products you require, talk to your Reckon bookkeeper about your business processes, and the analysis and reporting data you require. They will then recommend the appropriate products for you.

We Can Assist You With The Full Reckon Suite

Reckon Bookkeeper - Accounts Hosted

Reckon Accounts Hosted

Reckon Bookkeeper - Reckon One

Reckon One

Reckon Bookkeeper - Reckon Account

Reckon Accounts

Setting Up Reckon

If you don’t need to upload historic bookkeeping data, then the complexity of your set up will depend on which features and reporting you’ll be using. Thanks to their intimate knowledge of the software, your Reckon bookkeeper will be able to manage the entire setup process, and can assist you with importing data if required.

We Recommend Reckon For…

As a Reckon bookkeeper, EzyAccounts report that they have found Reckon is especially suited to businesses in the following industries:

However, as even businesses in the same industry will have different requirements, it’s important to consult a bookkeeper with multiple certifications in order to determine for certain that Reckon bookkeeping software is the most appropriate choice for your business.

Get Started

If you want to use Reckon for bookkeeping in your business, we can help. For recommendations regarding the best subscription, and assistance setting up and maintaining Reckon, speak to your local Reckon bookkeeper at EzyAccounts today. Call us on 1300 313 397.

Reckon And Your Reckon Bookkeeper

Below is a handful of examples of the sorts of things your Reckon bookkeeper should know about Reckon and its day-to-day management. (These examples apply to Reckon One, not Reckon Accounts.)

  • Your subscription – you only pay for the modules you use, and can add or remove modules at any time. Talk to your bookkeeper to ensure that you are only using and paying for the most relevant modules for your business. There are also different options and subscriptions within modules (e.g. “BankData” has Lite, Medium, and Advanced options). Consult with your Reckon bookkeeper to make sure you have the most appropriate one.
  • User access – roles can be created for individual users or groups of users. These roles can be managed and restricted to specific functions and options.
  • Bank feeds – if you wish to use bank feeds, make sure you have the “BankData” module. To setup your bank feeds, you’ll need to submit a form signed by an authorised signatory, and wait up to 8 days for feeds to be activated. Please note that bank feed may not be available for certain accounts such as loan accounts, term deposits, and credit cards. If you use these accounts, you can use “Manual upload” to import files in QIF, TXT, or CSV format. This method can also be used to import historic data such as last year’s bank transactions.
  • Purchase expenses – rather than using “Bills” for purchase expenses, you can record payments for expenses that have already been paid via debit and credit card, etc., via the “Transactions” menu. Select “Make a Payment”, and tick “Cash Payment”.
  • Project income and expenditure tracking – You can track project income and expenditures, and can assign items, customers, and suppliers with project prices and timesheet data. To use time-sheets you must first create employee records under the “Contracts” menu, and link the employee to a “User”.
  • Business activity statements – before creating activity statements, run the reports “GST summary” and “Tax code transactions” to verify your data. Apply any changes that may be necessary.
  • Payroll and inventory – modules for payroll and inventory are currently under development.
  • Mobile apps – you can access Reckon One data via your smart phone. There are free apps available from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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Would you like to receive professional support on using Reckonin your business? Call EzyAccounts today on 1300 313 397 to speak with a certified Reckon bookkeeper.

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