Accredited Payroll Services ProviderPayrolls come in all shapes and sizes, from simple to complex.

A simple payroll may involve just one employee paid the same fortnightly or monthly salary, or a group of employees who are each paid the same regular income. More complex payrolls may involve numerous staff who are paid different amounts each pay period, with frequent joiners and leavers. As your business grows, your payroll will naturally become more complex, requiring more attention, and more sophisticated processing.

Regardless of whether it’s simple or complex, it’s important to ensure that your payroll is correct, compliant, and managed efficiently. And that’s something a qualified bookkeeper can help you with, with payroll services tailored to your business’s needs.

Payroll is one of the many bookkeeping services from EzyAccounts that your business can benefit from.

Straightforward Payroll Services

If your payroll is simple, then the payroll services can almost certainly be managed easily and efficiently on any standard payroll system. Your bookkeeper can help you to:

• Load your employee’s personal details, such as postal addresses and TFNs
• Load your employee’s remuneration details
• Process your regular pay run, and prepare employees’ pay slips
• Transfer the advised salary to each employee, withholding the appropriate tax
• Ensure compliance payments such as superannuation and PAYG are accurate and made on time
• Circulate group certificates in a timely manner at the end of each financial year
• Submit your annual report to the ATO

If this sounds like the sort of payroll service you require, then an EzyAccounts bookkeeper can help. Call today on 1300 313 397 so we can discuss your business’s unique payroll needs, and identify the right way to ensure your payroll is correct, compliant, and efficient.

Complex Payroll Services

If your payroll is complex, then a qualified bookkeeper can help you identify the most appropriate sophisticated payroll processing and workforce management system for you.

As your payroll grows, you will find that it requires increased administration. More time will be required for scheduling, time sheeting, payroll processing, reporting, analysis, and remuneration calculations.

By ensuring you have the right systems and procedures in place, you will be better able to facilitate the efficient management of your payroll.

Solutions for Complex Challenges

Ensuring you have the right systems and procedures could mean that your business may need custom-built spreadsheets for calculating staff remuneration, or a more integrated workforce management system that manages scheduling, time sheeting, and payroll. When correctly implemented, such a system can allow you to process a payroll of several hundred employees in just a couple of hours. We know, because we have clients who can now do just that thanks to the right advice and assistance from their bookkeeper.

If you want professional and efficient payroll services for your business’s complex requirements, then we can help. Call EzyAccounts today on 1300 313 397 to discuss your specific needs.

Managing Your Payroll

When managing your payroll, be sure to watch out for the following things:

• Make sure your staff are being paid correctly
• Find out if your staff have another income, and identify whether they’re entitled to claim the tax-free threshold
• Stay up-to-date with legislation changes and ensure your payroll software is compliant with these changes
• Make sure your work cover insurances are up-to-date and compliant
• Avoid confusion between the definitions of “contractor” and “employee”

For complimentary advice on managing your payroll or for more insight into how our payroll services would help in your business, call EzyAccounts now on 1300 313 397.

Other Bookkeeping Services

In addition to assisting you with managing your payroll, our qualified local bookkeepers can also help you with budgeting and cash flow, inventory management, designing and measuring KPIs and other financial controlling tasks.

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