Choose The Right Accounting Software With Advice From A Certified Bookkeeper

When it comes to accounting software, one size does not fit all.

So, how will you know what to choose?

There are several mainstream accounting software programs in Australia that you can use for your business. While all provide accounting solutions, each is different, with some more suited to certain businesses and industries than others. Each brand also has a range of versions and integrated programs and products that are tailored to specific industries and business types.

Multiple Certifications

A certified bookkeeper can help you choose the right accounting software for your business – but only if they have multiple software certifications. After all, they can only advise you based on what they’re familiar with. So they need to be familiar with all the main accounting systems.

In Australia, the four main accounting software options are Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and Reckon. At EzyAccounts, all our bookkeepers are certified for each of these brands so they can provide you with the best possible advice regarding software choices for your business.

Tailored Recommendations

Because every business is different, and every business’s circumstances are unique, your EzyAccounts certified bookkeeper won’t provide you with a software recommendation straight away. Instead, they will first become familiar with your business, and its requirements. Only then will they recommend the best accounting software for you.

Whichever option they do recommend, you can be certain that your certified bookkeeper will choose a solution that is user-friendly, secure, and incorporates all the features and extras you need. It will also be able to be updated to meet your needs as your business grows, expands, and develops.

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The Right Add-Ons

In addition to advising you regarding the most appropriate brand of accounting software for your business, your certified bookkeeper will also recommend the best products or subscriptions within that brand.

Making The Choice

At EzyAccounts, we understand the ins and outs of all the different accounting software options. If you would like advice on the best brand, products, and subscriptions for your business, we can help. Call us today on 1300 313 397.certified bookkeeper explains how to implement software

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about why you should involve a bookkeeper in the process of choosing, setting up, and running your accounting software.

Why Do I Need Expert Advice When Choosing A Software Package?

By enlisting the advice of a certified bookkeeper when choosing an accounting software package, you will benefit from their years of experience in recommending and running software for other businesses. Your bookkeeper will be able to recommend a solution that will suit your business perfectly, not just here and now, but also into the future as your business changes.

Why Do I Need Expert Assistance At Setup?

Depending on your business’s requirements, your accounting software may be complex and sophisticated, or simple and straightforward. While it’s always a good idea to enlist expert assistance from your certified bookkeeper when setting up your package, this is especially the case if you require the software to perform complex tasks. They will ensure that you install every module you need, and won’t bother installing a functionality that you don’t require. They will also make sure that anything that can be automated, is automated, so your system is as efficient as possible.

Why Do I Need Expert Assistance For Maintaining My Books?

Your bookkeeper will understand all the intricacies of your bookkeeping requirements. A certified bookkeeper can also use your accounting system quickly and efficiently, working faster to save you time (so you’re not doing it yourself), and money (because they do it quickly). They have the knowledge necessary for troubleshooting most problems, and if you run into any technical issues they can’t solve, they can get priority support and attention for you from the software vendor.

What Software Do You Recommend?

At EzyAccounts, our bookkeepers are certified in all four of the major accounting software brands used in Australia. These are also the brands we recommend. They are:


We won’t provide you with a definitive software recommendation until we get to know your business more closely. However, in the meantime, if you would like some general advice on choosing the right accounting software, you can download our FREE eBook: “How to Choose the Right Accounting Solution for Your Business” by completing the form above.

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