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Xero Bookkeeper - Certified AdvisorXero is a popular accounting and bookkeeping software option for small and medium businesses in Australia.

It’s cloud-based, which means you can access it online and on the go via mobile apps, and it can be integrated with a range of external applications and programs.

Xero’s bookkeeping software features a range of functionalities, including secure automatic bank and credit card account feeds, invoicing, accounts payable, expense claims, and standard business and management reporting.

At EzyAccounts, all our bookkeepers are Xero certified.

Why Choose A Xero Bookkeeper?

If you’re going to use Xero for your business, then it’s a good idea to use a certified Xero bookkeeper.

A Xero bookkeeper is familiar with all the Xero features, and can advise you on whether it is indeed the right software for your business. They can recommend the most appropriate Xero subscription for your needs, as well as the best integrated products to use.

Xero set-ups vary from business to business. A Xero bookkeeper can ensure the software is optimised for your business’s requirements, with the right features enabled or disabled as necessary.

A Certified Xero bookkeeper can also assist you with any Xero bookkeeping tasks you require, and will be able to train you on how to use Xero to efficiently manage your books. They will use the program to provide you with the information and analysis you need to make informed strategic decisions in your business.

As a Certified Xero Bookkeeper We Can Help You Master Your Accounts

Selecting Your Xero Package

Once you’ve determined that Xero is the right system for your business (an EzyAccounts bookkeeper can advise you on making this decision), you will need to select the appropriate Xero package to suit your needs. In order to make this decision, you must first review your specific business requirements. Your bookkeeper can help you to identify how your processes work, what is required to effectively manage them, and what analysis and reporting information and capabilities you need. After identifying your needs, you can compare these with the functionalities available within each different Xero subscription. A certified bookkeeper will be familiar with the different options, and can help you to identify the appropriate Xero subscription for meeting your business requirements. This is not as straightforward as it may seem. For example, finding a package with a payroll function may not be enough. You must also ensure that the payroll function has all the features you need. Your bookkeeper can help you ensure you make the right choice. (If you would like assistance in identifying which Xero bookkeeping subscription is right for your business, call EzyAccounts today on 1300 313 397.)

Xero Setup

Once you’ve selected the appropriate Xero subscription, it will be time to setup Xero for your business. The complexity of your setup will depend on whether you’re adding historical data, what plugins you’ll be integrating, what reporting functionalities you require, and how complicated the system you’re setting up is in the first place. While the Xero website has instructions for getting started we recommend you use the services of a certified Xero bookkeeper for setup. They will be able to ensure that you setup all the features and data you need to run Xero efficiently (e.g. bank feeds, employee details, etc.), and have the system correctly optimised to allow them to prepare the financial reports that you need to make informed business decisions. And because they’re familiar and experienced with Xero, they’ll be able to do all this for you quickly and efficiently.

Xero Is Great For…

At EzyAccounts, we’ve found that Xero is a particularly good bookkeeping system for businesses in the following industries:

However, as every business’s needs are unique, we recommend that you speak with a certified Xero bookkeeper to discuss whether Xero is the most appropriate system for you.

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Would you like a tailored software recommendation, and expert help selecting and setting up the right Xero subscription for your business? Then call EzyAccounts today on 1300 313 397. We look forward to helping you make the best decision for your business.

What Your Xero Bookkeeper Should Know

Your Xero bookkeeper should be able to assist you with all the following tasks. (This is not a complete list; however, it includes some key examples. If your bookkeeper cannot assist with all these tasks, it may be time to consider calling EzyAccounts.)

  • Bank feed setup – to setup bank feeds for your Xero subscription, you must complete a form, signed by an authorised signatory, and wait up to 10 days before your feeds are activated. Bank feeds may not be available for some account types (e.g. loans, term deposits, foreign currency accounts, and credit cards), so check with your bookkeeper or Xero Business Help Centre. If you cannot setup a bank feed, you can use the “Import a Statement” function to manually import an OFX, QUIF, or CSV file.
  • Importing historic data – to import historic data such as bank transaction from the past year, you will need to manually import an OFX, QIF, or CSV formatted file.
  • Changing a reconciliation – to make changes after reconciling a bank transaction, use the “Remove and Redo” tool.
  • Transferring money – the “Transfer Money” function is only available for bank accounts, but you can setup the “Owners Loan” account/s as a bank account/s and record transfers that way.
  • Recording expenses – rather than using “Bills” for purchase expenses, you can enter a new “Spend Money” transaction for expenses that have been paid via debit or credit card, etc. From the “Accounts” menu, select the bank or credit card account, click on “Manage Account”, and from the “New” column, select “Spend Money”.
  • Display – if you have a larger screen, use the “Wide View” option when viewing reports to display more columns. You can also customise and save layouts by clicking “Layout Options”, and selecting “Edit This Layout”.
  • Integrating with customers and suppliers – if you customers and suppliers use Xero, you can send a Xero Network invite to connect with them. Once they accept this, you can receive invoices directly into your Xero system, so you don’t have to manually enter them. To enable this, go to “Settings”, select “General Settings”, and then select “Xero to Xero”.
  • BAS – before submitting your BAS returns, follow the “Reconcile the GST account in Xero” procedure (see the Xero Business Help Centre), and apply any necessary changes.
  • Inventory – Xero does not record stock movements or manage stock-on-hand. If this is a feature you require, you will need to use a third part stock control program. Your EzyAccounts bookkeeper can recommend the most appropriate program for you, or you can browse the applications available by going to “Settings”, “Add-ons”, and “View the Xero Add-on Directory”.

Bookkeeping For Your Business

If you would like assistance with Xero bookkeeping for your business, EzyAccounts can help. Call 1300 313 397 today to speak with one of our friendly bookkeepers.

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